Finalist Query Page for MAP-IMC 2022.MAP-IMC 国际音乐大赛 决赛入围查询页面


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Below is the easy steps to apply for the final round:

Search with your email address, click the button in the records to start your final application

1. Pay the final application fee:

This is a secure payment link provided by PayPal from the MARKER AND PIONEER INTERNATIONAL CULTURE EXCHANGE CENTER account. After clicking on the link, you can choose to pay by PayPal, or to pay by credit card.

*Please keep your PayPal transaction confirmation email after your payment.

*After your successful payment, you will be able to get to the next step.

2. Go back to this page, type in your email address again, then you will be access to fill out and submit the Application Form, including uploading your materials online:

Please fill out the form in English type written characters only. Do not use all capital letters.

Please make sure that you are submitting ALL CORRECTED information. The information will be used to create the certificate (name, country), award name list/bio on website, proof of payment, and other information. After completing the form, please click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the Application Form.

*The MAP-IMC 2022 reserves the rights to obtain the copy of ID from applicants via email to verify the age groups.

3. Check your application information and PayPal:

You may check the information that you've submitted to the final application by the link. If you have any questions or problems such as filling out wrong information, please email to




1. 支付决赛申请费:

这是一条由 PayPal 从 MARKER AND PIONEER INTERNATIONAL CULTURE EXCHANGE CENTER 帐户提供的安全支付链接。点击链接后,您可以选择使用 PayPal 支付,或者使用信用卡在线支付。

*请在付款后保留好您的 PayPal 交易确认电子邮件,以备日后查实。

2. 请回到本页,再次输入您的邮箱地址,进入在线填写并提交决赛申请表环节,包括上传您的材料:



*MAP-IMC 2022 保留通过电子邮件的方式,向申请人索取身份证明副本,以验证年龄组和所属国家/地区的权利。


您可以通过链接查看您提交给最终申请的信息。如果您有任何疑问或存在填写了错误信息的状况,请发送电子邮件至 告知并进行信息修正。